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Thank You for trusting me with your hair! I wanted to check in with you and see how it's going & if your visit was as expected!

My hope is that when you left the salon you left feeling heard, relaxed, loving your hair & your overall experience! 


I stand behind my work...

I strive to hit the mark every time with your hair, but I've come to understand that perfection is not always obtainable. If there is something that is just not doing it for you please let me know within 7 days of your visit & I will get you in ASAP to correct it at no additional cost to you. 


Recommendations for straight/fine wavy hair

  • Use professional products!! This is a huge deal if you are wanting healthy hair! I recommend Innersense or Malibu C for your shampoo, conditioner, & treatments. I carry Innersense in the salon. If you would like to buy online there is an affiliate link for Malibu C below & Innersense below. If you are not sure on which product to get, send me an email! Please do not buy these products anywhere other than in the salon or from their websites! They cannot be guaranteed any other way.
  • Get yourself a water softener shower head filter. I got mine off of Amazon. It is called Aqua Bliss. I am not particular about the brand, but I will definitely ask you every visit if you got one yet!

  • Do your very best to not wash your hair every day! For straight/wavy & fine curly hair I recommend only once or twice a week unless you have scalp issues that we discussed in your visit. 

  • Do not wash your hair with hot water! I understand that when it is cold outside all you want to do is get in a hot shower. For sake of your scalp and to have healthy hair please turn it down to warm at least when you wash your hair. The hot water dries your scalp & skin out and we do not want that!

  • Shampoo goes on the scalp and conditioner mids to ends unless you have a conditioner that is formulated for on scalp use.

  • Never brush your hair while it is wet unless you have a wet brush. You may also use a wide tooth comb or pick. Your hair is most fragile when it is wet so you must be gentle; Even more if you are blonde.

  • Brush your scalp before washing your hair to help spread the natural oils and free build up from your scalp. Do not be too rough as to not cause scratches, but just give it to a good all over brushing.

  • Use a scrunchie, soft band hair ties, or clips

  • Take a vitamin with biotin. If you are prescribed medication by your Dr. make sure with your physician that the biotin will not interfere. 

  • Use a silk pillow case & microfiber towels.

Flower Vase

Curly Girls

All the recommendations above will work for you with a few exceptions:

  • When washing your hair: If you have looser curls and can get a brush through them without tearing at your curls you can brush while dry, concentrating on brushing your scalp. If you have tighter curls, use a wet brush preferably while wet, so you can reach the scalp. If you do not have a wet brush use a wide tooth comb. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of conditioner in while brushing.  

  • Make sure to use non sulfate shampoo and wash as least as possible. If you feel like you need to do something then get your hair wet and use conditioner, but not shampoo.  

  • Other than right before your shower, or during your shower with a sufficient amount of conditioner, do not brush your hair. Try to leave your hands out of it as to not disrupt your curls. if you get a tangle, try spraying some leave in conditioner and separate with your fingers before resorting to anything else. If you get tangles often it is most likely from buildup &/or dryness.

  • Apply your product while your hair is still soaking wet. Be generous. When it's 80% dry you can apply more where it may be needed. 

Recommendations for maintenance to keep your hair at its healthiest & looking its best are as follows

Haircuts for straight/ wavy hair: 8-10 weeks

Haircuts for Curly girls: 12-16 weeks

Glosses to keep the brass away: 4-8 weeks

Gray coverage: 4-8 weeks

Tonal change every season 

Treatments as often as possible

Detox & Revive quarterly

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