How do I contact you?

The best way to contact me is via email at kayceeleigh.hair@gmail.com, I'll resond to any emails within 48 business hours. I choose to keep my phone for personal use only. Keeping one way of contact keeps things streamlined and allows for less miscommunication on both sides. All bookings can be done through my website. If you have questions on what to book, don't hesitate to send me an email.

Why don't you do color on the first appointment?

There are so many factors that go into a color service! Current color, porosity, hair color history, density, product usage, etc etc. Seeing and feeling your hair in person allows me to set realsitic goals and expectations of time and budget. A picture does not always tell the whole story! Coming in for an in-person consultation prior to the actual color service date will allow me to create a customized plan while booking the correct amount of time needed to complete your service! I do not beleieve in rushing a service because the correct amount of time was not booked out to create the goal you had in mind for your hair!

I can't find a time that works for me online!

All the times listed on the square app are what I have available! I promise I'm not hiding appointments. I do not offer weekend appointments, that time is for my kids. My start times and end of day times vary and can be found by clicking the contact me tab at the top of the site. If you book a service it must complete by the end of the day time. For example: You are booking for a Haircut + Mini Facial on a Monday. That service is 90 minutes long. My end of day time is 4pm. The last time available would be 2:30pm. After your first color consult I will book the first appointment for you and you will be given instruction on how to book continuing on. **Please email me if you have questions about my schedule. Late appointments are rare, but are sometimes a possibility.

Why do service prices say "starting at" ?

All services are tailored to each client to provide the best result. The longer and thicker your hair is the more time &/or product it may take to get you to your desired goal resulting in a fee. In the consult prior to the service we will discuss any forseen additional cost.

Can I go blonde in one appointment?

This is never a short simple answer. The history of your hair and the type of health that it is in will be the determining factor. If your hair is dark, if you have used box color or any of the fashion colors off the shelf like manic panic, SPLAT, Overtone, etc. or you have damage of any kind you can probably bet on a no. I am a healthy hair specialist and I rather give you an honest truthful expectation then to say yes and both of us be disappointed in the aftermath. Just because its a no for the first appointment doesn't mean we can tailor a plan to get you there if you are dedicated to your goal and following the healthy hair plan I set up for you!

Why is the curly girl cut more then your standard cut?

You curly girls have special hair! I can't just go into the haircut like I would someone with staright hair or as you probably know it will end in unevenness and disappointment! I'm lucky to say that I have lived half my life with staright frizzy hair and now for about two years my body has decided to bless me with curly hair! We have to take care of our hair completely different then those with straight hair. More time and product is needed to get you an even tailored cut that you can be proud of!

What is a treatment braid?

When you are recieveing one of the Specialty treatment as a stand alone service you have the choice between a treatment braid or a quick blow dry. The treatment braid is the chosen mask left in the hair for added benefits from the treatment being allowed to soak in for a longer period of time. When you take your next shower at home you simply rinse the treatment from your hair.

I want a Specialty treatment and/or Color with a haircut how do I book that?

Book your main service whether it be a color or specialty treatment and at the bottom of the booking page there is an option for a Service Enhancement Haircut. Choose both services to get the accurate time for your visit!

I don't see an option for just a haircut?

My specialty is healthy hair & relaxation! With your scalp and hair in great condition your haircut is more manageable and I can give the best results! My mission is to recharge & revitalize the body & soul through a deeply relaxing environment & spa hair services! I offer so much more then just your basic cut!

If I book one of your specialty treatments or a haircut + mini facial can I get a color consult at the same time?

Yes absolutely! Just make sure you book color consultation along with your other choice of service!

Can't I just stop by and make an appointment or have you look at my hair?

My time with my clients are just for them! I am often pampering or have my hands in their hair and it is difficult or not possible to step away. I often will lock the door as to not be disturbed. I want my client to feel like they are my priority! Consults are very detailed and often at least 15 minutes long so an appointment is mandatory as to get the level of service I provide to all my clients! I ask that all appointments are made through my online booking.