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Below you will find an in-depth explanation of what a visit to the salon entails & instructions on how to book with me.
Color Clients must email to book an appointment.
Want to skip straight to booking?


Your first visit with me...

The experience starts when you use the Book now links located throughout the website. Color clients must send a direct email for an appointment. After I have accepted your appointment request you will receive a welcome message with more details like where I am located, where to park, how to wear your hair, and the salon policies to ensure that your first visit is seamless.

Next, you'll arrive and be greeted by myself in my private suite. Your first visit will start with a detailed consultation.  If the only service, you are receiving that day is a Specialty treatment you will be put into a robe and be at the shampoo bowl for the majority of the service. A weighted or warmed blanket, scented eye pillow, & hot towel wrap for the hair mask will be offered. If you are here for Reiki we will sit and talk for 5 minutes while I go over what's to be expected in the session.

All other services we will be discussing things like:

*Your hair goals with at least 2 goal pictures that can include likes and dislikes

*What challenges you may be having with your scalp and/or hair for example: itchy scalp, dry flakes, hair loss, tangles, fading and dullness, etc. 

* Products used

*Intended maintenance

*Color clients would have filled out their digital color consultation form after receiving a direct email and prior to the visit, but we will still review what was listed in the form.

Amenities like assorted snacks, coffee, bottled water, hot tea, wine and charger for your phone are available to you during your visit. White Oak Bakery is located next door, and you can always make a stop in there before your scheduled appointment to enjoy one of their treats during your visit. 

All clients relax with a scalp massage said to help with headaches and migraines while listening to soothing meditative music.

I'll wrap up the visit by sharing my recommendations for at-home care and set you up with your next appointment.  You can expect a follow up email to ensure that your visit was as expected and if there is anything further you need from me. 

Booking your appointment...

Color Clients...

Send a direct email requesting a color. I will then send a digital color consultation form. 

All other appointments...

Step 1. Click the book now button located at the bottom of this page to be directed to my online booking app.

Step 2. Choose the New Client service you are wanting. Your choices will be:

  • New Client Spa Haircut or if you are a curly girl you will choose New Client curly girl spa haircut.

  • Specialty treatments are available to new clients and can be chosen on the booking app. The Detox & Revive must be booked by emailing me directly. Not sure which one to choose even after reading the explanations on the services & pricing page? No problem! Email me: 

  • Reiki, Rituals, & enhancement services can be booked as a new client.

Step 3. Once you have submitted your request I will either approve it or reach out to you via email within 48 business hours. If I have approved your request, you will receive a welcome email with a link to your digital welcome packet that must be read over prior to your visit. 

Step 4. Last & final step after reading through your welcome packet your job is done!! Get excited for your upcoming day of self-care!!

**Enhancement services can be added to any service!

Pricing will be listed on the booking site next to each service or you can look over my service & pricing menu by clicking the underlined link below. All prices are a starting point. Length, density, and volume may require the use of more product and time therefore resulting in an additional fee.

If you have any questions or are having trouble booking you may email me at any time!  Please allow 48hours business hours for a response.

If you are ready to book your appointment, click the book appointment link below to be directed to my online booking!

 click here to be directed to the service & pricing menu. 

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