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A little about me....
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Me in the salon:

  • I have had my cosmetology license since 2012, but was raised in the salon and have worked in the industry since I was a teenager. Fun fact: I swore I would never do hair haha!

  • I consider myself a wellness salon. I'm a curly hair specialist that likes to focus on relaxation & healthy hair. As a Reiki practitioner I can offer the deepest relaxation . My goal for your visit is to start the process of getting your hair to the best health it has ever been in and if I could get you to fall asleep I feel like I did my job right! Clients have stated that their appointments are like a day at the spa. Aromatherapy, scalp massage, and a heated massage table to lie down at the shampoo bowl instead of a chair are just a few of the ways I provide you with relaxation in the salon. 

  • I want you to come to relax, gain knowledge on how to care for your hair, & embrace your beauty.

  • I dress practical & comfy so no judgement on how you want to show up! Whatever you're most comfortable in. I encourage comfy clothes especially if you are receiving Reiki. Do not be surprised if I go barefoot or have gym clothes on. 

  • I use Innersense, Malibu C wellness, & then Redken for color. Innersense & Malibu C are luxury organic natural beauty products at a fair price. 

  • I do not consider myself a styling stylist. I don't even have a curling iron in the salon. 

  • Your time in the salon is yours! Relax and be yourself in a private no judgement zone.

Topics I enjoy discussing: your hair of course, personal growth, who you are and the things you enjoy. I pride myself in being a great listener. You also have the option to have a silent appointment if you wish (After your in-depth consultation of course.)


Me outside of the salon:

  • I'm a single mom of 3. My oldest baby is turning 18 & moving out this year! 

  • I hate the truly despise it. I'm a spring and summer girl for sure!

  • I'm from the Southern Ca desert, but have been in Savannah for 8 years. I'm in love with TN and honestly do not see myself living anywhere else.

  • I have started to embrace my own natural curl. I'm on my curly journey like most of my clients.

  • Tuesdays afternoons are dedicated to MMA for myself and my two littles.

  • I am the most at peace in nature.

  • I work on my business often. I'm constantly looking for ways to make your visits even better than your last, Continuing education in this industry is a MUST!!

  •  I'm big on personal growth and feel like it's so important to invest in ourselves so we can be better for others. Self-care is so important! It only took me 37 years to realize this ;)

Finding a new stylist can be scary! I 100% get it! I hope what you have seen so far has helped to put you at ease! Click on the link below to be directed to the new client page to get an idea of what a first visit with me is like 

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