My Story

I grew up in the industry. I'm what some people know as a second generation hairstylist. So naturally for me I said I would never do hair!

Haha you didn't think I was going to say that did you?

I've always been attached to my hair. When I was little my mom was always practicing the new trends, which for me meant a perm in kindergarten and a mullet WITH a perm in 6th grade!

Not even kidding!!

I always cried when my hair wasn't right and I was adamant that I would never make someone feel like that!! Well god obviously had plans for me because I have worked in the industry since I was a teenager!

I started out managing  salons that my mom was working at. I owned my own salon in my hometown of CA before receiving my license in 2012. I traveled with my family for a few years until we made TN our home! Now I own Blush Salon here in Savannah, TN. I love it here and I don't see me going anywhere else!

When I'm not in the salon I'm either at the gym, which is my happy place or hanging out with my kids!

My motto: Healthy body, Healthy mind, Healthy life!

My clients are raving over my scalp massages, which coincidentally happens to be my favorite thing to do next to restoring hair health!

If you want to learn more on how I could help you click the link below to request an appointment!