A little about me....

I grew up in the industry. I'm what some people know as a second generation hairstylist. So naturally for me I said I would never do hair! *insert laughing emoji*. Honestly I wanted to go into health care. It's funny how god/the universe works!

I owned a large salon in the desert of CA (southern CA born and raised...don't remind me lol) for almost 2 years before I decided to attend cosmetology school back in 2011! I did makeup & a lil bit of hair for weddings & special events. I am on IMDb(internet movie database) for the short film I did the makeup, hair, & set design I helped with while in cosmo school. I've done your basic cut and color for years, but I never felt completely fulfilled or like I was living my purpose and, in all honesty, I considered giving up doing hair all together! That was until I found my niche as a healthy hair and relaxation specialist. wooo!!

What's my why behind choosing to become a healthy hair & relaxation specialist?

As women we tend to be everything for everyone else & rarely spend time caring for the most important person...US! We barely slow down to take a breath sometimes and that leads to overwhelm, illness, & sometimes depression. Who are we to the people we love if we are no good to ourselves? The body NEEDS rest & relaxation and not only when we are asleep! As a single mom of 3 I'm 100% guilty of alll the things and that's why my mission has become to recharge & revitalize the body & soul through a deeply relaxing environment & spa hair services! 

My goal is to have a private one on one relaxing visit tailored to each individual client I work with! Having relaxation as the main focal point and giving you healthy hair as an amazing bonus!! I'm not a "styling stylist" so giving you easy manageable non fussy hair is something to expect!

 I take growing as a person and growing in my business as a necessity in my life. Honing my craft and elevating my clients experience is a forever evolving practice!


If you're looking for a  busy chatty salon with  top 40 playing on the speaker and you're wanting a quick cut followed by a great blow out with the trendiest style of curls: I'll be honest...I'm not the girl you're looking for and that's ok! Learning that you can't be everything to everyone is freeing!! 

When I'm not in the salon I'm either with my teenager & 2 lils, at the gym, or on the back of my boyfriends Harley. I'm open minded and non judgemental and I enjoy surrounding myself with those kinds of people! I'm a libra so making decisions for myself is a chore, but many of my friends & clients go to me for advice!

If what I have to offer sounds like what you've been dreaming of then you can click the learn more button below. You will be directed to my new client page where you will get a more in depth explanation of what to expect on your first visit with me!