Pyra-K Method

What is the Pyra-K Method?

Color Consultation 

chelation of hair, olaplex treatment, Protein and moisture treatment


This pre color service is essential to receive prior to a color service 

3-4 hour service for this service alone. Color Service is booked on a separate day within a week of this service. 

Starting at $70+

Quote for color service will be given on completion of consultation.

If time is a concern you may fill out a contact form requesting a consultation by email. 

Why do I choose to do it this way?

My number one concern is the health of your hair! Without healthy hair I can not guarantee the best outcome to your final look! The horror stories that you may have heard of girl's hair literally smoking and melting off are true!! It's a scary thing that I am not willing to chance! This is caused when a build up has a chemical reaction to the lightener being used. The not so scary includes dull, muddy, dry, spotty hair. Those are all unacceptable outcomes in my opinion!  

What are the steps and the benefits to doing it this way?

Let's start with the chelation process! This process removes any build up that may be left by medication,dust, debris, product, chlorine, heavy metals, minerals and one of the biggest culprits of dull hair out here, hard water!! This process reveals to me what the REAL condition of your hair is at the present moment!


Your hair is more fragile then you may know! This is where Olaplex comes in!  Daily we damage the disulfide bonds inside our hair by simply brushing our hair, drying our hair with a towel and more aggressively: color or lightening services,  using our curling irons or flat irons, UV rays or the hot water in our showers! Think of disulfide bonds like the boards that hold up your home. If you start knocking down the boards your house will crumble!! Olaplex works to repair those boards!!  (I add Olaplex into your color and/or lightener for continued support!) There is also a take home treatment to keep the goal to healthy hair continuing even when you are not in my chair!!

Last but certainly not least is the protein and moisture treatments! Did you know that your hair is made out of protein and if that protein is not moisturized then it cracks and becomes brittle! I explained above that all those elements destroy the "boards" that hold up our home; well think of the protein and moisture as your walls. Whats the point of having a home if you have no walls? There is no protection at all from outside elements if you continually blast holes into your walls and do nothing to repair them!!


Do I have to get a haircut?

A light "dusting" will be done to ensure that the color or gloss is able to saturate and hold inside the hair strand and be true to color. One of two things can happen if the hair is damaged or you have split ends; The color will either not stay in the hair strand or if the ends are porous they will suck up the color and oxidize making it darker then intended. "Dusting" is taking a 1/4 inch off the very ends; Getting a full haircut is completely up to you and what your overall goals are. 

Is this process done every time I want to color my hair?

No not necessarily. Doing the chelation on our first visit just gives you and I the reassurance that the build up has been removed and we should have no surprises as long as you were thorough in letting me know your hair history during the consultation. Depending on the many factors, that we will discuss in detail in our consultation, I may recommend that we do this process every time, every other time, or every few times it all depends on your lifestyle and goals! 

I want you to be able to walk out of the salon with confidence and this is the way I know I can do that for you!! You will be amazed at the difference my treatment makes not just in the feel of your hair, but in the look of your color as well!! 

I will ask you this... if you could buy your dream car today would you go for the one that is fully equipped with everything you want or would you settle for used? I know I would invest in the one I wanted instead of the one that has some chips in the paint and has a good possibility that the transmission might give out! The Pyra-KMethod  is your bright shiny new car, because I do not believe in settling for less!!


Listen I can not take full credit for this method! My mom who has been a stylist for over 38 years taught me and we have seen nothing but amazing results! If wasn't for her I would not have the knowledge I do today! So big shout out to Pamala Kay Hair Artist in Yucca Valley, CA!!

Now that you know the what, how, and why are you ready to experience it? If you are then

click the button below to be taken to my online booking system where you will choose 

the Pyra-K Method service!! I am so super excited that you have chosen to invest in the best possible thing you can do for your hair and I can't wait to meet you! 

*This service is an essential step before your first color service is preformed.